Sunday, 17 February 2013

CIMI client

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have been working with Deltacloud project. This post is about the code I have been working on. As the title tells, I have been working on CIMI client - getting it working. It's a Sinatra app. There were a few bugs here and there that I have been fixing and adding new stuff.

I started by going though the entire app and noting the issues that I came across, eg broken links and the like. From my notes of issues, I wrote some JIRA tickets which I started working on. The first issue that I dealt with if fixing all broken links. This basically meant creating all the missing pages. This was a great task to start with, as I got me even more familiar with the code. After sending out a few of these patches to the dev mailing list, my code was pushed to master -> Woohoo! :)

The pages that I created were index and show pages for CIMI resources. This was not all that tricky as there were some great helpers already written for the front-end.  My next task was writing code for creating new entities. This was a little challenging, because I came across enough bugs/issues while writing this code. From Ruby bugs to bugs in the methods I was using. As I much as it was great that I found the issues and filed JIRA tickets for them, I felt 'slowed-down' enough. It's easy to feel unproductive after a whole day of chasing after a bug.

With most of the bugs fixed, I sent out the patches for creating some entities, which is great! I am looking into writing sending out the rest of the patches on creating entities, and move to my next task => Change the code so that CIMI client does not explicitly construct URL's but rather  uses the URL's the server sent it. That should be fun! :)


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  2. I admire your passion for code and the work you do. I am from Kenya, now living in the US and came upon your profile on Code Academy. I am in process of learning Java script and JQuery along with other programming languages to become a web designer. You are a wonderful inspiration to me and even though I may not fully understand "code speak", I am excited to read your postings.

    Carol Ndegwa

  3. Hey Carol! :) Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you are enjoying the posts. Yay - really excited to here that you are learning code! Although I do not do a lot of web design, I will be glad to help - (recommend great resources, etc) where I can! Happy hacking! :)